KWT 900 - Inbrottstestad-i grad 0 - Kodlås

KWT är ett kompakt vapenskåp med inbrottscertifiering i klass 0 enligt europeiska föreskrifter DIN EN 1143-1.

Vapenskåpt är idealisk för att lagra handpistoler och/eller ammunition. Tack vare den snygga inredningen är den också perfekt för förvaring av andra värdesaker som smycken, klockor eller kontanter.

KWT-vapenskåp är försedd med antingen en nyckellås med hög säkerhet (2 nycklar ingår i frakten) eller ett kodlås med två användare. Med den 4-sidiga dörrlåsningen är värdeskåpt väl skyddad mot inbrott.

För ytterligare säkerhet är den också förberedd med ett förankringshål i botten och två hål i baksidan."

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How To Bolt the Safe
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  • Il grado 0 è la prima classe di certificazione. Più resistente di S1 ​​e S2.

More Information
ProduktnamnKWT 900 - Inbrottstestad-i grad 0 - Kodlås
ModellserieFormat KWT 900
FärgGrafitgrå (RAL 7024)
Leveranstid2-3 veckor
Rekommenderat förKeys, Valuables, Weapons
Vikt - kg31
InbrottsklassificeringGRADE 0
TestmetodEN 1143-1
CertifieringscenterECB•S Germany
Vägledande beloppsgränsGRAD 0
BrandsäkerInte Brandisolerat
Volym - Liter5
Kapacitet - Laptops100 Laptops with charging
Höjd - utvändig (mm)405
Bredd - utvändig (mm)360
Djup - utvändigt170
Djup - utvändigt inkl. lås (mm)0 kr
Höjd - invändig (mm)325 kr
Bredd - invändig (mm)271 kr
Djup - invändigt55 kr
Dörröppningsvinkel180 Grader - externa gångjärn
DörreglarFyrasidiga reglar
FästningGolv, Vägg

KWT 900 - Key Lock - Burglary Tested in Grade 0

KWT 900 are Insurance approved handgun safes certified in Grade 0 according to DIN EN 1143-1.

Ideal to keep your valuable pistols and/or ammunition safe and dispose them in a secure and comfortable way.

This safe is designed as weapon safe, but of course, you can use it also alternatively for other valuables, such as car keys, cash, jewelry at home or in your retail store.

Key Facts

The KWT 900 has a double-bit high-security key lock (2 keys) and a silver handle that is protruding for approximately 12 mm.

The door is constructed with a 4-sided door locking, a door opening angle of 180° and hinged on right.

Prepared with one anchoring hole in the bottom and two holes in the rear wall for additional use.

Standard delivered with 8 holding bolts. Graphite Grey (RAL 7024).

Lock options

The KWT 900 comes with keylock or electronic version, which protrudes for 39 mm.

Contact Us

If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find more about Safegear’s full selection of weapon safes, right here.

*You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc

Customer Questions
Order & Delivery: All you need to know

SafeGear offers you a wide variety of delivery options. We find the best delivery partners and ensure fast and safe delivery. To our services belongs delivery with or without installation and standard or express delivery. The following guideline will give answers to all questions you may have.

Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Gun Safes: Will my guns be subject to humidity/rust if I leave them in my safe for a long time?

If you want to prevent your guns and ammunition from getting rusted, you should always protect them from humidity. Depending on what kind of safe you own and its location, moisture may develop inside the safe and can damage the content beyond repair.

Therefore, we recommend that you open the safe every 2 weeks for at least 15 minutes, to ensure that your documents/guns remain in the pristine condition in the safe.

Furthermore, you should always pay attention when choosing where you want to install the safe. It is always better to avoid places with high humidity levels, such as basements or any places close to laundry rooms.

It is also advisable to place a dehumidifier in the safe if it is placed in an area with high humidity.

Install a safe: How can I bolt the safe myself?

Be aware that there are no wiring or piping in the location you want to install the safe.  

Follow these steps to bolt your safe:

You can easily bolt your safe following 8 simple steps.

1. Place the safe onto its final position.
   2. Mark the spot on the floor or the wall where the bolting holes are located.
   3. Move the safe aside.
   4. Make sure you use the right drill for the material and an appropriately sized drill bit.
   5. Drill holes into the designated marks.
   6. Reposition the safe over the mounting hole.
   7. Insert the bolt through the inside of the safe into the hole.
   8. Tighten up the nut of the bolt.



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